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Exploring the boundaries of electronica..

Ambient, Meditation, Hypnotic, Chilled, Cinematic, Beats

Midnight Fields

Electronica Dissected

Sonically Soothing Experience

Let your ears wander through the vast aural corridors of time and space…

Who are Midnight Fields?

Forged out of the musical fires of 1990s phenomenon Res Rocket Surfer (the world’s first online band), Mike W and David H bring their love of electronica and beats to the table. Music to prevent sleep and induce unease, all in a good way of course.

In 2023, the duo commenced a steady release of thought-provoking, neural-pleasing sonic electronica, with the aim of venturing into unchartered musical dimensions.

You’re encouraged to join Midnight Fields on this adventure of musical mischief, mishaps, and magnificence. 


Experience Midnight Field’s latest releases…

Check back here regularly for new tracks. The duo aim to release something new every few weeks.

“Emotive music transports you to another world – a world of Midnight Fields where the stars are constantly shining. It is a world where you can let go of all your troubles and just relax and feel at peace. We hope our music takes you on that journey”…

Midnight Fields

Midnight Fields collection of AI Art

Get in touch….

Your musings are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or feedback, we are here 24/7. Feel free to call us by call or email us.


+61 0418 660566


Last sighted somewhere in the Triangulum Galaxy

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